Friday, March 21, 2014

May 2014 iDEA Hidden Gems

 Anchor Bay's "The Art of the Steal"
 Magnolia's "Grand Piano"
 Magnolia's "Journey to the West"
 MPI's "Raze"
 Magnolia's "The Right Kind of Wrong"
Fox's "Still Mine

Friday, February 28, 2014

April 2014 Hidden Gems

eOne's "513 Degrees"
Anchor Bay's "At Middleton"
Fox's "Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses"
Magnolia's "Best Night Ever"
MPI's "The Best Offer"
Magnolia's "Big Bad Wolves"
Fox's "Black Nativity"
Fox's "Cowgirls N' Angels 2"
Fox's "Great Expectations"
Grand's "junction"
eOne's "Knights of Badassdom"
Anchor Bay's "Philomena"
Fox's "Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines"
Anchor Bay's "Snake & Mongoose"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

March 2014 Hidden Gems

Screen Media's "All Things to All Men"
Magnolia's "Beyond Outrage"
Fox's "The Book Thief"
Magnolia's "Here Comes the Devil"
Fox's "In the Name of the King III"
Magnolia's "The Last Days of Mars"
Fox's "Out of the Furnace"
Indican's "Silent But Deadly"
eOne's "Wicked Blood"

Sunday, December 22, 2013

February 2014 Hidden Gems

 E1's "Twice Born"
 Fox's "Romeo and Juliet"
 Anchor Bay's "Soroity Party Massacre"
 Screen Media's "Riot"
 Wolfe's "reaching for the Moon"
 Magnolia's "Muscle Shoals"
 Magnolia's "Mr. Nobody"
Millennium's "Life of a King"
 Millennium's "Khumba"
 Fox's "In the Name of the King 3"
 Magnolia's"How I Live Now"
 Screen Media's "The Ganzfeld Haunting"
 E1's "Diana"
 Anchor Bay's "Cutie and the Boxer"
Grand's "Chastity Bites"
Fox's "Killing Kennedy"